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About Energy Healing

Harmony & Balance

Long before quantum physics taught us that there is no difference between energy and matter, the ancient Chinese understood that everything around us is vibrating, as are we. Albert Einstein said that energy is everything, that it isn't philosophy, it´s physics. We are more than our physical bodies. Each person's energy field is constantly reacting to thoughts, emotions and spiritual needs. Any imbalance in the energy system can show up in the physical body and vice versa.

Energy healing is a form of complementary and alternative therapy with the goal of balancing the vital energy that flows throughout the body. By using different techniques either in-person or from a distance, the practitioner can activate the body's subtle energy system to dissolve blockages and stimulate the body's natural healing ability. It is used to reduce stress and anxiety and to promote harmony & well-being. 

Types of Energy Healing techniques include meditation, intercessory prayer, spiritual healing, sound therapy, aura & chakra cleansing, remote or distance healing, biofield tuning fork therapy, quantum healing, qigong, Reiki, crystal healing, and Pure & Intuitive energy healing. Your Energy Healing Practitioner will create a unique treatment plan just for you. Contact us for an in-person or virtual treatment session. 

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