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Recent Testimonials

"I’m very picky about who I receive reiki from. I have had a lot of trauma and a few bad experiences with practitioners leaving me vulnerable to bad energy. Kataleia was wonderful to work with! She took the time to explain her process and reassure me. She was thorough, kind, gentle and left me feeling refreshed, stable and protected. I felt so much better after my session. I would definitely recommend her."


I was referred to Kataleia by a friend of mine to try Reiki. I honestly didn't know what it was so I got ahold of Kataleia and she was explaining that it is a Japanese form of energy healing, it is non-invasive & can have many positive benefits for overall health and well-being and easily combines with other holistic therapies such as crystal healing and sound therapy. Since I have dealt with anxiety issues & back problems for years, I figured it couldn't hurt. I was open to try something new and lo & behold, I have been going to her for regular sessions and the improvement is unbelievable. I am so impressed & now I am completely onboard with these types of treatments and I see that she has been expanding with other therapies such as tuning fork therapy and meditation. I have seen such an improvement in myself, that I have referred other people to her and now have her working with one of my precious doggies who has been having health issues.

Kim H. 
Costa Rica

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