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Crystals plus Pure Energy Healing

Crystals plus channeled Pure Energy to specific points of the body.

  • 45 min
  • 90 US dollars
  • Client's place or online

Service Description

Crystals have been used for healing for thousands of years by many ancient cultures. Everything in the Universe, including our bodies and crystals have energetic vibrations. Crystals can align the vibrations of the body to resonate with the higher vibrations of the crystals. By resonating at a higher frequency, blockages or stagnation can be dissolved so that the energy is able to flow freely. When energy is flowing, we are calmer and more balanced, but when there are blockages in the mental, emotional, or spiritual bodies, due to stressful or difficult experiences in life, or trauma, those energy blocks often cause stagnation and ongoing complications in our life, including physical issues. Crystals have strong vibratory effects on the body, be it the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual body. Once we discuss your particular situation, I will choose the stones to be used for your session, as well as the configuration and placement of the crystals. The crystals will be placed around your body in specific patterns. They may also be placed on your body or held in the practitioner's hand or the client's hands. The practitioner will then channel pure, positive, healing energy to the body at specific points to release blockages & stagnation, allowing the body's own healing energies to flow more freely. This therapy is so relaxing, many people actually fall asleep. That is perfectly okay. The crystals plus pure energy healing channeling is a very peaceful, gentle and relaxing therapy. All of the crystals used in your healing session have been programmed specifically with loving intentions for healing and positive transformation. In addition, all crystals are cleansed, cleared and recharged after every use so that the crystals used in your session are fully charged with positive healing energy. Crystal therapy can be a great alternative healing or complementary treatment to support the primary medical treatment you may be receiving. It is especially beneficial for healing, as a way of helping you feel more grounded, centered and relaxed, which helps improve mood and foster a positive outlook.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact us 24 hours in advance.

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Costa Rica

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